Thursday, November 4, 2021

My conversation with Brandon


We’re getting ready for a top-to-bottom kitchen renovation. 

In March, the contractor promised work would start between Christmas and New Year’s. In mid-August he moved the date to February 1. Last week he said he and his team will be arriving the second week of March. Whatever.

Early on we were cautioned we need to order appliances at least three months in advance due to a global shortage of microchips.  

The contractor recommended we work with a salesman at a local appliance retailer who would, he said, give us a discount. In early October we went to the showroom and met with our salesman, Brandon. 

Almost every day since then, we’ve been going back and forth with Brandon. Should we order all the appliances from one brand, or appliances from different manufacturers Consumer Reports rates highest?  (After much debate we decided to get all but one from the same manufacturer.) Should our cooktop be induction or downdraft and why can't we get both in one model? (Nobody makes a combo induction/downdraft cooktop so we ordered an induction model which then meant we needed a hood.) Can a hood 35 3/4 inches wide be installed between two upper cabinets spaced exactly 36 inches apart or do we have to order a smaller model to be sure it will fit? (We learned it's possible it might fit but it probably won't so we are going with the smaller hood because it would be a shame if, after waiting all that time, the contractor was unable to install the larger model and we had to wait even longer to get this damn project finished.)

Communicating via text and email, we finally got all our questions answered, decided on the exact models we wanted, and, last night, reviewed Brandon’s latest quote. 

This morning I called and told him, “Let’s go Brandon.”

Brandon said OK, everything should be in his warehouse by January 15. 

You have nobody but yourself to blame for reading this far.