Saturday, July 20, 2013

A once-in-a-lifetime week

What a week this has been!

Monday: I spent hours comparing makes and models online … much of the previous week negotiating on the phone and in person with various dealers … and now that it has arrived and is sitting there in our garage where the old one sat, I know I made the right decision.

Our new hot water heater is a 50-gallon Rheem. It’s grey. There is a 10-year warranty on the tank itself and the plumber threw in a one-year service contract. The plumber, who had (and, I would have to imagine, still has) red hair, set the thermostat to 125 degrees, which he says is the standard setting. He said our old one was set to 125 but was probably only heating the water to 110. He took the old tank away. I don’t know what he will do with it. It’s not like it’s repairable. It was rusted out at the bottom.

Tuesday: I went to Publix to buy watermelon balls in a plastic container. I like to eat them while watching TV at night. (The watermelon balls, not the plastic containers.) Publix was running a “Buy One, Get One Free” special on watermelon balls, which enabled me to pick up two containers for $3.24. That was the price of the most expensive container. The other container was $3.21, but the cashier explained customers are required to pay the higher price when produce items that don’t weigh the same amount are offered as BOGOs.

Wednesday: None of the three contestants, including the six-time champion who had amassed over $130,000 in winnings, got it right but I knew the Final Jeopardy question -- What is the Tour de France? Alex Trebeck pronounced it “Frawnz” like “prawns” but with a “z” at the end. He is Canadian, you know.

Thursday: At 9 a.m. sharp I took my seat next to the president of the Board of Directors of the community association that governs the Florida development where we live. Every neighborhood within the development has one representative on the board. Members are seated in alphabetical order, depending on the first letter of the neighborhood they live in. My neighborhood, Addison, comes first alphabetically so I got to sit by the big guy himself. It was my first and probably last board meeting. I’m not Addison’s regular rep; I was asked to fill in for a neighbor who is on vacation. The president reported the road-repaving project is on time and on budget. I proudly raised my hand to vote for the purchase of five new treadmills for the fitness center and four sailboats for the marina. I took advantage of the free sailing lessons the marina offers earlier this summer but dropped out before I could become certified because I fell off the boat and cut my foot on an oyster bed. Both motions passed unanimously. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:14.

En route home, I detoured by the new Danish bakery that has opened in a strip mall outside the front gate. The bakery sells Danish but that’s not why it’s called a Danish bakery. The reason it’s called a Danish bakery is that the owners are from Denmark. Actually, they are from Wisconsin but they are descended from Danish immigrants. I bought two doughnuts that were still warm and ate one in the parking lot. I ate the one I had bought for my wife on the drive home. I did not tell her I had eaten her doughnut and she was none the wiser because I hadn’t told her I was going to buy her one in the first place.

Friday: I logged onto eBay and was thrilled to learn I had received positive feedback from a guy in Germany who bought two vintage travel posters from me. I have more than 300 and am selling some of them because I’m running out of storage space. He raved (and I quote), “Excellent seller *** Great communications *** Would buy again!”

With such an active week behind me, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Hope you are, too.

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